giovedì 1 novembre 2018


Tell us your experience about the Penguin Maigret new collection 

As we let you know last Monday, Maigret's Anger is coming out today. This is the 61st novel in the collection published by Penguin. That is to say only 14 novels remain to be released, and thus 4/5 of the whole series have already been published.  
What can we tell about this new collection? Beautiful pictures for the covers, new titles reflecting the fact that these books are new translations.  
But we would also like to ask you readers about your opinion concerning this new series. Have you been reading the whole collection so far? How did you enjoy it? Which novel did you prefer and why so? Tell us what your experience was… 
Send us a text about this experience (let's say a text around 3000 characters length), and we'll publish the best texts on this blog. 
Interested to write something for us? So take your pencil ready and send your work to this email address:

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