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Extracts from a unique daylong interview by a team of five doctors 

Extraits d’une interview unique, d'une journée complète, par une équipe de cinq médecins 
Estratti di un intervista unica di un'intera giornata, da parte di un'equipe di cinque medici

8) “When he [the reader] sees a character who resembles him and has the same symptoms as he does, […] the same internal struggles, he tells himself: I am not alone, I am not a monster. That can help him.”
9) “I don’t know how to create larger than life characters. That’s why I could not do theater. Because theater, like sculpture, is larger than life while novels and paintings are life-size.”
10) “I put myself in the shoes of a character I am not familiar with and will only become familiar with, bit by bit, in the evolution of my novel. The problem for me is not to know if I am going to be able to write my novel, but to know if I am going to really establish a relationship with my character.”
11) “When I begin a novel, I become the principal character and, from morning to night and from night to morning, my whole life is conditioned by that character: I am truly in the shoes of that character. If during 24 hours I become myself again, the result is I can no longer find the character or, if I do find him, he seems a little fabricated.”
12) “If I discipline myself to write so many novels a year, it’s also because a sort of alarm signal has gone off. When I’m not in good health, I tell my doctor I’m not feeling well, that I have such and such a thing. My doctor responds: ‘When are you going to start writing a novel?’ I tell him: ‘In eight days.’ He continues: ‘So, that’s good.’ It’s almost as though he was writing on a prescription blank: ‘Do a novel as soon as possible.’ It’s my therapy, the one that suits me best.” 
13) “My true ambition is to capture the truth, even camouflaged truths. Otherwise, I don’t exist. I am useless. Given that my novels are not stylish exercises or marvelous psychological constructions, my sole concern resides in approaching the truth.” 
14) “I discovered a physiological reason that would justify drinking alcohol: I suffer a lot from aerophagia, which is accompanied by a little vertigo. One or two glasses of alcohol stops or diminishes the air swallowing.” 
15) “In reality, I don’t tolerate four glasses of wine, it causes a particular kind of false lucidity in me. […] I don’t get a hangover, but I feel very humiliated, very diminished for having told tales in such a self-assured way, and that’s what gives me the courage to regularly put myself on the wagon.” 
16) “What revolted me during my youth was the lying. […] That masquerading outraged me. […] From the time I began to write, I tried to create true characters, that is to say, to lift off that façade I had witnessed throughout my entire childhood.” 
17) “I felt the need to be married to avoid doing too many stupid things. I married to protect myself from myself […] and that first marriage saved me for certain.” 
18) “I’ve had a physical horror of violence all my life. It’s painful for me to watch a boxing match on television even though I did practice the sport a little. I hate cruelty. I am unable to attend a bullfight.” 
(PART 3 presents numbers 19 to 32….) 

David P Simmons 

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