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The latest of the Penguin translations for Anglophones is available in the USA.

L'ultima traduzione della Penguin per gli anglofoni è ora disponibile negli Stati Uniti
Le dernier de la série de Penguin pour les anglophones est disponible aux États-Unis. 

On April 12, 2016, Inspector Cadaver, Penguin’s English translation of Simenon’s L’inspecteur Cadavre, became available through Amazon in the USA. 
One can buy this 24th in the Penguin series and 47th in  Simenon’s order of publication as a paperback, a Kindle book, and an audio CD. Curiously enough, a download of an audio version was already available - though Audible, actually another one of Amazon’s companies.
Here is a rundown on other Amazon sources throughout the world for Anglophones: It should be no surprise to find the book has been available in the UK since October 1, 2015. Previous opportunities also existed in Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, but April 12, 2016 marked the beginning of availability in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, and Mexico. There is one relative outlier: Australia offers only a Kindle edition (A free trial audio edition is available through Audible.)
L’inspecteur Cadavre originally appeared in 1944, but an English translation did not appear until 1979 as Maigret’s Rival. It’s translator then was Helen Thomson, and now the translator is William Hobson.
I enjoyed the original version of the story for how it displayed Maigret’s extensive compassion, his deliberate “mender of destinies” function, his reliance on medical expertise, and his closing confrontation tactic. I could say the book ‘suffered’ by lacking Paris, Madame Maigret, and his usual police associates, but on the other hand, that made for a nice change of pace. The new version should not be any different.

David P Simmons

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