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How Assouline asked three people to respond as Simenon would have

Comment Assouline a demandé à trois personnes de répondre comme Simenon l’aurait fait 
Come Assoluine ha chiesto a tre persone di rispondere come l'avrebbe fatto Simenon

Pierre Assouline appended an additions to his extensive biography Simenon. It is not included in the English translation. Anglophones may find the translated extraction below of interest.
After his biography’s publication in 1992Assouline submitted television interviewer Bernard Pivot’s “ritual questionnaire,” which asks respondents to put themselves in Simenon’s shoes, to the three “people who had known him best.” 
SpecificallyAssouline solicited Marc Simenon [MS], his oldest son, and Teresa Sburelin [TS], his “companion” who called him “Georges,” and Joyce Aitken [JA], his “collaborator” who called him “Boss.” The latter two teamed up in their responses. 
  1. Your favorite word? 
[MS] Artisan. Humble. Father. Son. Mankind. And, in another train of thought: Soft. Voluptuousness. Mademoiselle. Flavor. 
 [TS & JA] Sincerity. Humility. 
  1. The word you detest? 
[MS] Wait. Failure. Poverty. Potentate. Amateurism. 
[TS & JA] Solitude. Servants. 
  1. Your favorite drug? 
[MS] Pipe tobacco. La Femme !! 
 [TS & JA] Nature walks. 
  1. The sound, the noise you love? 
[MS] (The one he has in his head) (The noise of silence) Birds. 
[TS & JA] Silence. 
  1. The sound, the noise you detest? 
 [MS] (All) Machines. Klaxon. Siren… As you know, he detested noise in general. 
[TS & JA] An organ. 
  1. Your swear word, dirty word, or favorite blasphemy? 
[MS] Nom de Dieu. Shit. Scoundrel. Bastard. 
[TS & JA] We never heard him swear. He used to reprimand us on “s…” 
  1. Man or woman to illustrate a new dollar bill? 
[MS] Charlie Chaplin. Einstein. 
[TS & JA] Stick with Montaigne. 
  1. The occupation you would not liked to have had? 
 [MS] Priest. Politician. Banker. 
[TS & JA] Prosecutor. 
  1. The plant, tree, or animal into which you would like to be reincarnated? 
 [MS] Saint Bernard. Jonquil. Elephant. 
 [TS & JA] No response. 
10.  If God exists, what would you like, after your death, to hear him say to you? 
[MS] If it’s morning: “Good morning!” If it’s nighttime: “Good evening!” 
[TS & JA] We would not be there to hear it. 

David P Simmons 

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